The Millennial Influence on Customer Experience

Mobile is a Necessity

  • They’re downloading and engaging with brand apps, including shopping apps. One survey found that at least half of all Millennials have at least one branded app on their phone.
  • They’re signing up to text with businesses. This can include texting with customer service agents and signing up for push notifications or delivery updates.
  • They’re engaging more on mobile sites. They’re browsing, buying, and interacting with businesses on mobile more than ever.

Faster Service is the Expectation

Self-Serve Options Are Preferred

The Feedback Culture Isn’t Just for Internal Employees

They Expect Authenticity & Transparency

  • A public or at least open recognition of when the company messed up and an apology with information about how it will be fixed
  • Public statements about changes in the company, including safety updates about how something like COVID-19 is impacting everyone involved
  • Proactive updates about something like a delayed shipment or increases in pricing before they find out the hard way, including an explanation



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